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In the realm of technology support in NYC, you won’t encounter another company that matches our level of experience, professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and rapid response. We hold each customer’s job, project, or issue in high regard, treating it as if it were our very own. We commit our full energy and expertise to not just meeting but surpassing expectations.

We complete all computer repairs on the very day they are brought in. We understand the urgency of having your computer back promptly and are dedicated to delivering swift service.

For drop-off or walk-in computer repairs, we’ll present you with the precise, flat fee cost, and we’ll require an initial assessment to determine this rate accurately. Onsite computer service visits, on the other hand, are billed hourly and depend on the extent of the service required.

Our warranty policy stands at 30 days for computers and extends to 2 years on security camera installation. It’s important to note that even beyond these specified periods, you’re welcome to reach out with questions or any follow-up issues. We’re not strict about warranty dates; our priority is to ensure your satisfaction with our service and your computer’s performance. Moreover, if we find that we’re unable to resolve the issue with your computer or if you’re dissatisfied with our service, you won’t be obligated to make a payment. Our commitment is to ensure you are entirely content with our repair service, aiming for a 100% satisfaction rate.


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