TV Mounting & Installation

TV screens are continuously growing larger, and TV mounts are evolving for the better. Whether you intend to mount your TV on your living room wall, securely into steel studs, or even onto an outdoor brick wall, there’s a mount designed to support your TV. JEGS is available to handle the TV installation for you at an affordable rate.

Here are some advantages of TV mounting:

Enhanced Viewing Experience:
Mounting your TV ensures that everyone in the room can have an optimal view of the screen. Certain mounts even offer the flexibility to angle or tilt the screen for the best viewing experience.

Safety First:
Wall mounting your TV is one of the safest methods to prevent it from accidentally falling and potentially harming children or pets that might be near it. Many TV mounts also include cable management features to help you keep wires organized and off the floor.

Don’t have any tools? No worries:
JEGS come prepared with all the necessary tools to assist with your TV installation; We can provide the mount. To ensure we have the right tools, it’s helpful to confirm the wall type with JEGS beforehand. Common wall types for TV mounts include drywall and lathe and plaster. For mounting into metal studs, brick, concrete, or cinder block, specific drilling tools may be required. JEGS will also ensure a tidy cleanup post-installation, leaving your home in its original condition but with your TV precisely where you desire it.

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  • TV Mounting & Installation
  • Connect all necessary video and basic audio components
  • Neatly dress wires
  • Configure any necessary peripheral devices for additional cost
  • In-wall or external cord concealment is available for additional cost