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Enhance your peace of mind with professionally installed home security cameras from JEGS.

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JEGS home security cameras, in collaboration with high end network cameras, offer you the next best level of surveillance to protect the things in your life that matter most. Whether you need indoor, outdoor, or doorbell cameras, we have the right security solutions to meet your needs.


Outdoor security cameras

Access a real-time remote feed from your security cameras and oversee your property from anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone, PC, or tablet. JEGS Security, a leading security camera company in NJ, offers state-of-the-art security camera systems from renowned global brands. We specialize in delivering straightforward and efficient IP video surveillance and security camera solutions.

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Advanced Surveillance Solutions: Your Trusted Security Camera Installation Experts

JEGS Security, your reliable source for security camera installation services in NJ & NY City. With our advanced surveillance solutions, we prioritize the security and safeguarding of your property, be it your residence, workplace, or business establishment.

Our team of experienced technicians is committed to providing top-tier installations and exceptional customer support. Discover our selection of security cameras, and allow us to assist you in protecting what holds the utmost significance to you.

Whether you’re considering homes, residential buildings, offices, businesses, commercial spaces, governmental facilities, hospitality venues, healthcare institutions, or educational establishments, surveillance cameras have become an indispensable solution. They serve a vital role in ensuring safety, security, compliance with insurance requirements, and even reducing liability across various settings.

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